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  1. 拓扑图


  1. 大概逻辑框架

a. 整个网络只提供一个外网地址

b. Kamailio(opensips)提供统一的信令控制

c. FreeSWITCH提供一些功能上的增强

d. 混音融屏等工作交给专业的MCU



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  1. 网络结构

2 . 简要说明

a. openser服务器中多租户。

b. openser服务器中各租户用户间对接,不能跨租户对话。

c. 针对路由使用turn + ICE处理NAT问题。

d. 当两个同一内网或不同内网间对话时只使用点对点传输避免占用太高带宽。

e. 当转入视频会议时,全部由rtpproxy实现中转。

3 . 遇到问题

a. 在用了某品牌的4G路由器和思科的视频话机置于4


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    Generating OpenSIPS config files is accomplished by using the menuconfig tool. Because the graphical interface is ncurses based, please make sure to first install the ncurses development library ( typically libncurses5-dev ).

1.  Using the Men


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The opensipsctlrc is the file that contains all the configuration options for the opensipsctl, opensipsdbctl and osipsconsole tools.

Upon installation, the file is located in


The file contains control options for interacting with the databa


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List of Tables

1-1. Table "acc"
1-2. Table "acc" 
1-3. Table "missed_calls"
1-4. Table "missed_calls" 
2-1. Table "dbaliases"
2-2. Table "dbaliases" 
3-1. Table "subscriber"
3-2. Table "subscriber" 
4-1. Table "usr_preferences"
4-2. Table "usr_preferences"


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The Events Interface is an OpenSIPS interface that provides different ways to notify external applications about certain events triggered inside OpenSIPS. Overview

In order to notify an external application about OpenSIPS internal events, the Event Interface provides the following funct


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MI (management interface) functions which are exported by OpenSIPS core.

1. arg

Returns the full list of arguments used when OpenSIPS was started. As in UNIX, the first argument is the name of executable binary.
Arguments: none
Output: multiple MI nodes where each node contain


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The Management Interface (or MI) is an OpenSIPS interface that allows external applications to trigger predefined commands inside OpenSIPS.


Such commands typically allows an external app to :
push data into OpenSIPS (like setting debug level, registering a contact, etc)


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Module nameDescriptionStatus


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A Transformation is basically a function that is applied to a variable(script variable, pseudo-variables, AVPS, static strings) to get a special value from it. The value of the original variable is not altered. Example of using different kind of variables in OpenSIPS script: # check if usern


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This section lists the all the parameters exported by OpenSIPS core for script usage (to be used in opensips.cfg) Core keywords Core values Core parameters

1 . Core Keywords

Keywords specific to SIP messages which can be used mainly in 'if' expressions.
1.1  af



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Assignments, string and arithmetic operations can be done directly in the configuration file.

1 . Assignment

Assignments can be done like in C, via '=' (equal) operator. Not that not all variables (from script) can be written, some are read-only. Check with listing of variables to see whic


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OpenSIPS provides multiple type of variables to be used in the routing script. The difference between the types of variables comes from (1) the visibility of the variable (when it is visible), (2) what the variable is attached to (where the variable resides), (3) read-write status of the variable (s


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This section lists the all the functions exported by OpenSIPS core for script usage (to be used in opensips.cfg)

1 . add_local_rport()

Add 'rport' parameter to the Via header generated by server (see RFC3581 for its meaning). It affects only the current processed request.
Example of us


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本文来自于FreeSWITCH官网: [][1]

After much searching and experimentation, I've found an opensips.cfg that distributes calls to two or more FreeSWITCH boxes. This guide assumes you have a MySQL server setup on the same machine you are installing. Special thanks to t

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