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第一次的发布将会发布在: ,由James.zhu维护翻译稿


本次工作由QQ群:293697898 及FreeSWITCH学习交流群、Asterisk/FreePBX/Elastix等群的诸多群友一起合作,由上海-老李(李浩)进行协调和维护相关数据,最终将在更新后,第一版发布于,并在最终向kamailio官方


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``Transformation is basically a function that is applied to a pseudo-variable (PV) to get a special value from it. The value of PV is not altered.

Transformations are implemented by various modules, most of them being in pv module.

The transformations are intended to facilitate acc

Kamailio SIP Server v4.2.x 变量

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The list of pseudo-variables

Predefined pseudo-variables are listed in alphabetical order.

$$ - Pseudo-variable marker

$$ - represents the character '$'

$_s(format) - Evaluate dynamic format

$_s(format) - returns the string after evaluating all pseudo-variables in format

$var(x) = "si